The importance of having a good Wingman

You knew that before: success in meeting girls depend on the guys you know. Loners have never been the most successful with girls. There are number of reasons to that. First of all, you don’t really have fun when you go out by yourself. Suppose that you meet girls in clubs and bars, being alone will not put you in the good mood and then you won’t have that much chance to meet anyone. Beside of that, girls definitely prefer guys who are good socially integrated and who have good friends. The problem that lots of us face is that when you move to a location that you don’t know, may it be for a couple of weeks and a couple of years, you go through a period when you don’t know much people, and it can take mouths before you get acquainted with the right people and when you can even get the chance to have a dating life. There is also lots of people working on the weekend who can’t go out on Friday and Saturday night, and then don’t get the chance to have a fully fulfilling social life. I don’t think this has to be like that. Even in small cities, there are hundreds of people around you in the exact same situation, just willing to meet people to go out, or just for the sake of socializing. This is the purpose of my website: meeting people. Meeting guys to meet girls. A couple of years ago, I get the habit of going on dating sites and I got disappointed by them, not because they were not good website,  but just the concept of meeting people of the opposite sex online wasn’t right to me, it felt unnatural. I spent hours online, trying to get acquainted, then struggling to have some kind of conversation, and after hours spent online, I could finally have a date with a girls which was not always was I expected, and with who I didn’t always get along that good. But the worse in dating site is that it kills all what seduction is about. Seduction is about overcoming social fears and creating situation where someone of the opposite sex can be attracted to you. We don’t see any of that in dating site, instead, we see a flat approach, leading to flat a flavorless social interaction. On the opposite, getting girls in real life is challenging, it’s arousing and it allows you to hone your social skills and make you life much better and tasteful. So what you have to do now is just meeting people around you with this same purpose to go out and give you life this twist that you are waiting for, for such a long time.

For this reason you should check this website


See you there, JB


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